Is having children a barrier to finding love?


Combining married and family life is not always a pleasure. Indeed, the birth of children completely changes your household. You are no longer two but above all you have important responsibilities towards your offspring. If the couple undergoes many changes and if the moments in couple become more and more rare, what about the parents who are separated and who seek love again? Is it doomed to want to find a fulfilling love life when you are already a parent?

Finding love is not that easy yet but when you have children is it really possible to meet beautiful people? Why not finally because we can clearly see that the rise of stepfamilies has entered into dying? After all, I often say that you all have the right to have a fulfilling love life. But how do you get there in this situation? What obstacles will you have to face face? I explain everything in this article that will interest men and women who are single parents.

Romantic relationships are evolving

15 million singles in France, a marriage in two or almost which ends in a divorce, it is obvious that romantic relationships are upset nowadays. But that does not mean that you are going to remain celibate all your life and that having a romantic breakup once prevents you from having a nice meeting again. One of the phenomena that keeps growing is the blended family with the children of both partners . Indeed, it is no longer rare to have a family with several children from a previous union around you. After a divorce or a breakup, you managed to find love but one point is important: You already had children!

For many people getting back together as a couple after a separation is not always very easy, especially when you are already the father or mother of one or more children. But is it really difficult these days to hang out with someone who already has children? Society has evolved over the past few decades and this is no longer a problem. Many women have two children from two different fathers.

Whether you have it yourself or not, should you miss the opportunity to be happy in love for this reason? It is obviously not simple or banal to build a relationship when the children are already present but I had the chance to discuss it with other coaching professionals and especially with people living in a blended family (parents and even children) who testified that everything was fine apart from a few tensions but no more and no less than in a “traditional” family. Nothing therefore prevents you from experiencing happiness in a blended family .

Children are not always a problem to find love

When you do not have children dating a man or a woman who is already a parent can be an obstacle because if the relationship becomes more and more serious, one is inevitably brought to rub shoulders with their toddlers and sometimes even to fulfill the role of stepfather or stepmother after only a few months of relationships.

Recently, I read the news and it was rightly mentioned the fact of assigning a specific status of stepfather and stepmother. Of course there were those who were favorable and those who were less favorable but no one doubts that in the long term this will merit a real debate. Having children and meeting people is not easy, but not insurmountable.

It is therefore understandable that some people do not imagine entering into a relationship with someone who already has children. Your little blond heads are part of you, of your life, so if this person does not want to be around you because of them, is this really the one you need? Not sure ! Can’t you find someone more understandable who will accept your family life?

When the children are young and you have to play several roles at home, it is not the desire of to find love which is the main problem, because it is rather the time. Yes, it is not always easy to find moments for yourself, which is necessary to meet people especially when you are looking for a serious story. Taking care of your family, your home and going out on dates is not easy to organize. In fact, you have other priorities than meeting people at this time of your existence and we can understand it.

Finally, one of the main problems that one can come up against when one is looking for love by being already the parent of one or more children is quite simply the agreement of the latter . They will be brought to live with him / her if your relationship works well and the feelings develop but it is not always easy to make the two coincide. You may be afraid of their reactions and that’s what keeps you from giving some people a chance. When you want to have a relationship by being a parent, you think more about the impact of the love story on children than on yourself, and that may be what is holding you back from dating. However, you must also think about your balance and your happiness!

How to make meetings while having children?

As I explained to you, time is your main problem, you have trouble finding a time to go out, meet people, but there is a tool that allows you to meet people without the need to get out of your house. Still wondering what is it?
No! I guess you know the answer, this is of course the internet! Each dating site has thousands or even millions of profiles that can meet your criteria, so once your children are asleep, or even during your break at the office, you can very well connect and contact those who are going to your preference.

But if you have free time, especially when the children are older and independent, why not take the opportunity to go out? It is true that I focused on people who do not necessarily have the time but this may not be your case.

Happy in love, how can modern women achieve this?

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