Male psychology: Understanding men to improve their love life


Man / woman relationships are far from obvious, this is not news for anyone! I am even sure that you are wondering if it is really possible to fully understand what men in love want or if it will forever remain a mystery for the fairer sex! The difference in sex sometimes poses relationship problems due to divergent aspirations. However, whether you are in a relationship or looking for love, it is essential to decode male psychology for several reasons that I will mention throughout this article.

I wonder but I am always optimistic and when I see these many couples who know each other by heart and who always have the same flame as during the first days in their looks, I remain convinced that you can do it. In addition, you are not alone because I accompany you in your quest for male understanding. A man who advises women, could you dream better ?!

Nevertheless, a less romantic thing appeals to me when it comes to relations between a man and a woman, these are the clichés that you can have on “males”, and in particular that they think only of sex, that they want nothing serious and that they are continually seducing. Rest assured the reverse is also true as men also have their clichés about you. They think women are difficult to understand when they are nothing complicated! Is it true? I do not think so because men also have a sometimes surprising mode of operation! On the other hand, once you fall in love, a man will fully commit to you and this is the parameter that you must absolutely succeed in establishing in your relationship.

The male psychology is not so easy to grasp, it is particularly necessary to have a moral of steel and be ready to enter their heads. Discover in this article tips to better understand the one you like or the one who shares your life, in addition to what I fully explain in my book “ The Code of Love “.

Do men think differently from women? Thanks to my experience as a sentimental advisor since 2007 and the thousands of hours of love coaching that ensue, I am able to affirm that most women, unfortunately, have trouble understanding the men’s desires and see only the tip of the iceberg. You often think that the pictures reflect reality. Men only like soccer, poker nights with friends, watching TV sprawled on the couch, beer in hand. It must be said that the programs that are broadcast on television and in the cinema do not help to give a true image of men that corresponds to reality.

Many women base their expectations in love, in married life, on those of their man. However, the way of men works is not the same as yours ladies. A man, even if he has shared your life for years, does not necessarily think like you and about his own wishes, dreams or aspirations.

How to explain this? Quite simply because since childhood we are conditioned to act differently depending on gender, the parents’ expectations are not the same, so there are obviously repercussions on the way of thinking and behaving . Education plays a major role because it is a source of distinction.

These differences can create certain tensions and most problems in your relationship. Failure to always understand each other is irritating and that is to be expected. However, I want to reassure you, this is the case for all couples, including the most glamorous like Angélina Joli and Brad Pitt, the Beckhams or any other stars, who are also having difficult times. It’s just not publicized so as not to damage their image and you keep dreaming while watching their movies or listening to their songs.

How to understand a man?

You are single and you are looking for love, you want to live a beautiful and long history with the man of your dreams but for that you need to know what the men are thinking about and what their expectations are. But you can just as easily be a couple, married for several years and looking for a better life for two, in this case understanding the man of his life is just as essential to stabilize a relationship.

Living together does not necessarily mean that you know each other perfectly and that you are able to understand their expectations, their actions, their words. You should not rest on your laurels, but on the contrary always make sure to rediscover your partner . This article is intended for women but this advice is addressed to both sexes because it is for two that efforts must be organized.

To understand male psychology , communication is the foundation that governs everything. Again, whether you are single or in a relationship, it is through dialogue that you will understand what your man expects from your story. We are all different so it is difficult to give a list of everyone’s tastes but what I am convinced is that talking to your target or your spouse will allow you to answer all the questions you are asking yourself. Without forgetting, and here I address to people in couple, that the communication will consolidate your relation and will make it last.

Finally, it is important to be interested in what he likes. His passions, his dreams, will tell you many things about his personality and what he would like a woman to bring him. The man you want to seduce or re-seduce should not remain a mystery to you.

Understanding male psychology to seduce

I do not think I am wrong when I say that many women want to understand men in order to seduce them, and it is perfectly logical to reason this way. It should not be imagined that only the physical and the sexual attraction are enough. For one night yes, but is it really what you are looking for? I’m talking to you about finding love and / or forming a solid couple that time cannot take down.

In mastering male thought you will know on which emotions to play and the actions to carry out to succeed in your game of seduction. Note that flirting is not a concept that must remain linked to the single. Obviously if you are looking for love to get into the head of the man you like will be more than beneficial, you will be one step ahead of him. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

But if you are already lucky enough to be in a relationship, seducing your man is necessary. After a few years of living together, the arrival of one or more children, preserving the attraction protects your couple from separation. The love of his companion should not be taken for granted, the couple’s flame keeps going day after day.

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