Injured coronavirus we tell his child that he traveling while he was in fact strengthens the same in the cart, that was the moment to meet them after


The pandemic coronavirus that the world is passing through now is not affected only on the economy of the state and draining the resources of the countries and considerable pressure on the health sector but would also affect the same patients with HIV and their families especially young children.

In order to protect his daughter, pretended to be one of the professors that he was on an expedition in Africa don’t even know his little girl that he is in isolation in the truck behind the family home.

Tell Julian Bayliss who has attained 50 years of his daughter’s four-year-old lying White as he likes to call it, so stay tuned and to vacuum it.

Over the past ten days, Julian was calling our baby on Skype to check on it after 275 metres.

Injured Julian corona virus after returning from Ethiopia where he was in contact with the virus, he decided to isolate himself in his cart so don’t convey the infection to his child.

After several days, finally met with his daughter yesterday, he said:

Seeing the smile on the face of his child again is worth every cold night I spent in that camper, very good to be at home.


They were long days too and the King was hard as well as cold, after I got off the plane coming back from Africa, I did not feel myself in good condition, and I found myself suddenly in a carriage in the temperature reached as five on some nights.

He explained:

The hardest thing I went through is to hide this secret about the baby, but if I stayed home I’d love to go to it and you’ll want to see me and it’s gonna be more dangerous to our health.

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