Miss Britain 2020

Abandoned by her fiance because of their weight .. having lost half her body weight crowned Miss Britain 2020


The hard work and perseverance don’t lead only to success, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! Perhaps the story of Jane Atkin winner in Miss Great Britain 2020 the best proof of it.

Requires the title of Miss Great Britain, hard work and a lot of willpower and diligence, has succeeded Jin in it already after that update, and overhauled her diet and said goodbye to the pattern of her old life, and was able to lose more than 100 pounds of her weight.

I can no longer wear my favorite dress. and from me, my ex-fiancé because of my weight, here I knew that it must change!

The Jia 26-year-old:

A few years ago if someone told me I was going to be Miss Great Britain certainly will not believe that at all!

I started Jen Atkin exercise and eat health well a few years ago, and has become go to the gym 5 times a week now.

She said that there is a vast difference between the lifestyle a few years ago and now.

I eat healthy food more, don’t follow a diet but I’m thinking of what I’m eating more now, I still enjoy meals out, but I dont want to sleep!

I go to the gym five times a week now and I love it, it has become an essential part of my life.

It took two years to lose about 50 kilos, and this is living proof that perseverance will lead to success

As for her advice, she said:

My advice is to work they are not extinct, think they result in change that will happen after all that hard work, consistency is the key towards a lifestyle change.

Another motive was stimulates the gene to change the same pattern of her life for the better and he abandoned her former fiancé about her because of her weight, which caused his psychological crisis and he gave her the chance to pursue a better future .

I got Jin for the title of maid of Miss England in 2018, then won the title of Miss Great Britain 2020 thanks to her determination and hard work.

In the end she got married and took a break from competition in the competitions, having achieved everything I strove for, and this reminds us never to mourn, never to persons or things that leave our lives suddenly, maybe they left the open area for other things the most beautiful.

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Her father abandoned her, so she took a garbage house for her