Food that cares about the health of your liver


To take care of your liver health, eat or avoid the following foods:


Nuts – especially almonds – are good sources of vitamin E, the nutritional value that research suggests helps protect against liver disease liver fatty acids. Almonds are good for your heart health as well, so eat a bunch of it when you feel you need a snack, or try it with salad as it adds some delicious crunching.

Avoid Salt

Your body needs some salt – but perhaps not as much as you eat it – and recent research suggests that a diet with a high content of sodium may lead to hepatic fibrosis, which is the first stage of scarring the liver, and there are some The easy ways that will help you reduce your salt intake, avoid processed foods like bacon or mortadella, choose fresh vegetables instead of canned, and resist the temptation by keeping salted from the table.


Leafy vegetables contain powerful antioxidants called glutathione, which help to maintain the effectiveness of the work liver . Spinach is easy to prepare, it can be an essential ingredient of dinner salad, and it is also delicious when grilled with garlic and olive oil, and when it is wilted, sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

the berries the wild

Contains a nutrient called polyphenol that helps protect you from liver disease liver non-alcoholic fatty, which is often associated with obesity and high cholesterol in the blood. If you are not a fan of berries, there are many other foods rich in polyphenols such as dark chocolate, olives and peaches.

He moderated drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol in large quantities can destroy the liver, so over time it can lead to cirrhosis the liver, and even a lot of drinking alcohol on occasions – four Successive cups for women and five for men – can also be harmful, so try to limit the drink by making the amount one cup per day for women and two glasses for men.

herbs and spices

Do you want to protect your liver and heart simultaneously? Add a splash of oregano, sage or rosemary to your food, as they are a good source of healthy polyphenols, and they also have the added benefit: They help you reduce salt use in many recipes, and cinnamon, curry powder and cumin are also useful types, so try it.

Reducing packaged snacks

When you feel a desire to buy starters, be sure to replace them with a healthy snack. The problem with crunchy chips and pastries is that they usually contain high amounts of sugar and salt and fats , and reducing them is an easy adjustment to your diet and does not need a lot of planning. One smart way to do this is to bring with you to work healthy snacks Kiffah with a small can of walnut butter for one person, or sweet crunchy peas with a small cup of soft hummus.

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