Ways to combat the craving for tobacco


Most tobacco users feel cases of cravings or an urgent desire to smoke, but there are many methods that help not to fall under the mercy of these desires.

When you have an urgent desire to use tobacco, remember that no matter how severe it is, it will go away within five to ten minutes, whether or not you smoke a cigarette or chew the tobacco gum, and every time you resist the desire to use tobacco, you will have approached a step Additional towards permanent cessation of addiction.

The following ten methods will help you resist the urge to smoke or use tobacco:

1. Try nicotine replacement therapy

Ask your doctor about how to treat nicotine with replacement, which includes the following options:

  • A nicotine prescription that includes a nasal spray or inhaler nicotine
  • Products nicotine that are sold in the pharmacy without a prescription, such as labels, gums, and sucking pills
  • Drugs free from nicotine prescribed by the doctor to stop smoking, such as bupropion (“Zyban”) and varenicline “(Chantix”)

Treatments nicotine with short-acting replacements, such as chewing gum nicotine , sucking pills, nasal sprays or inhalers, can help you overcome cravings for tobacco use. In general, these treatments have a short-term effect as safe when used in conjunction with a long-acting nicotine patch, or one of the nicotine-free drugs.

Electronic cigarettes have gained a lot of attention lately, as they are considered an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, but we still need more studies to determine the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in quitting smoking, and the safety of using these devices The long-term.

2- Avoid stimuli

Urgent desires to use tobacco are most intense on the occasions that you abound in smoking or chewing gum tobacco, such as when you are in parties or bars, or when you feel tense, or while you drink coffee . Identify situations that crave you tobacco, and plan to avoid them completely or bypass them without using tobacco.

There are cases of relapse and return to smoking, but you should not sign yourself in it, if you used, for example smoking while talking on the phone, put a sheet of paper and a pen next to you to occupy drawing an absurd scribble instead of smoking.

3- Don’t give in directly to your desires

If you feel that you will succumb to the desire of smoking, pledge yourself not to smoke directly, but wait an additional 10 minutes, and then do something to distract yourself during this time period, for example you can go to one of the public places where it is forbidden Smoking, These simple tricks may be enough to avoid you giving in to the craving.

4- Chew something something

To combat the desire to use tobacco, keep your mouth chewing on something, such as sugar-free gum or hard candy, or have some raw carrots, celery, nuts, sunflower seeds, or anything crunchy and delicious.

5- Do not fool yourself

The desire to smoke may tempt you to smoke just one cigarette to satisfy it. But do not fool yourself that you are able to stop after one cigarette, smoking one cigarette often leads to the second smoking, and you may end up returning to tobacco addiction again.

6- Be Moving

Physical activity helps keep you from thinking about tobacco, and reduces the intensity of wanting to use it, as even physical activities for a short period of time – such as running up and down the stairs – can relieve you of those desires, so we advise you to practice slow or fast walking in the fresh air.

If you are forced to stay in the office or home, you can try squatting exercises, knees bending, compression exercises, running around, or walking up and down a few steps. If you do not like aerobics , go for prayer, or practice a favorite pastime like sewing, woodworking, or writing, or do some household chores to distract yourself such as cleaning dust or office work.

7- Relaxation techniques

Perhaps you used to resort to smoking to deal with cases of stress. Resisting the urge to use tobacco can in itself generate stress tension, and here comes the role of relaxation techniques that rid you of it, such as deep breathing exercises and muscle relaxation , yoga , imagination, massage and listening to relaxing music.

8- Ask for help

To resist the urge to use tobacco, ask someone for help, such as a family member, friend or one of the specialized agencies in providing support, and contact this person over the phone or go out for a fun time together, or sit with him and tell him about your suffering in getting rid of addiction Smoking,

contacting others will provide you with the psychological support you need.

9- Ask for help online

Join a group that aims to combat smoking, or read other people’s blogs through which they explain their experiences of quitting smoking, and share encouraging ideas for other people who have difficulties resisting desires to read The urgent need to use tobacco, and learn from the experience of others in dealing with these problems.

10- remind yourself of the benefits of giving up smoking

Write on a sheet of paper or say out loud the reasons why you stop smoking and resist craving for tobacco.

These reasons may include the following:

  • Improving the overall psychological state
  • Improving health
  • Protecting your lover from smoking passive

  Saving Money  

Remember that trying any way to overcome those urgent desires is always better than doing nothing. Every time you resist the desire to use tobacco, you will have approached another step towards a permanent stop from addiction to it.

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