Her father abandoned her, so she took a garbage house for her


The most heartbreaking thing is seeing a homeless child in the streets, feeding on garbage and spreading the open in the summer and winter, I cannot imagine how a person can give up on the pleasure of his liver or abuse him, children are a divine gift for parents to take care of and protect their lives if it is necessary.

Unfortunately, there are still people who are able to do terrible things against their children, often leaving scars and wounds that are difficult to heal.

A man from Ukraine was accused of abandoning his little girl in a garbage dump months after she had adopted it from an orphanage.

According to reports, the authorities started an investigation after a young girl was seen in a garbage dump in Odessa, Ukraine, after spending Christmas living in a tent and looking for leftovers to fill their hunger.

Anastasia spent several days in the landfill before the police found her on December 30, and the police handed her over to the care workers who took her home to be monitored.

Child care worker who discovered the girl, Nata Samokhina, said that he did not believe how many people passed by and did not care about her, and none of them contacted the police.

It became clear later that Anastasia’s father had taken her from an orphanage in June 2019, before he later discovered that caring for her was hard and tiring to leave her alone on the street, without even thinking of returning her to a home. Orphans.

Valentina Kartashiva, who works in the orphanage where Anastasia lived before her adoption, said:

We didn’t want to give her To him, we had a strange feeling towards him but we had to submit to the law.

Praise be to God, she is alive, she is currently in shock.

It was reported that officials of the orphanage stated that they would do their best to ensure that Anastasia’s father could not claim her again, and once the girl underwent the necessary medical exams, she would return Orphanage to be among her friends again.

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