covered her disabled father with her body to protect it from fire


A story has spread in the past few days that was starred by a Saudi woman named Noir Al-Subaie from the Rania governorate in the Makkah region.

In a heroic situation, Noir sacrificed her life in order to save her father who had been in a seat after a fire broke out in their house. Everyone fled abroad, and only Noir and her father left the seat, and they were surrounded by fire from everywhere.

Noir could not carry her father outside, so she made from her body a shield to protect her father from the burning tongues of the flame, and did not abandon him even though she could implement her skin.

Noir lost her husband years ago, the other one who died a martyr after trying to save a drowned and left her alone with two children, and today she repeats his heroic stance and sacrifices her life to save her father.

In reaction to the issue of sacrifice and loyalty to Nawir al-Subaie, Al Birr Charitable Society announced its sponsorship of the children of the martyr until they reach adulthood, so she died after their father died.

The story of citizen Noir, nicknamed the mother of orphans, is due to a fire in their home, specifically in her father’s room, and after her inability to help him and rescue him from the tongues of fire, she covered him in her body in an attempt to protect him.

Noir’s mother tried to ask neighbors for help to save Noir and her father from the fire, but upon her return the innocent and brave daughter had been severely burned with her father.

After the firefighters and ambulances arrived, Noir and her father were taken to the hospital after being released from the fire, they stayed 3 weeks to receive treatment, but Noir’s journey on board ended and she died of her injuries,

19459001] after recording an unforgettable heroic attitude, while her father is still in intensive care.

The heroic story of Noir and influencers on social media platforms spread, and everyone showered them with their prayers for forgiveness and mercy.

While others demanded to honor her sacrifice and give her family the King Abdulaziz Medal in appreciation of her stance, which sends a form of parents ’righteousness and sacrifice for them, just as they sacrificed precious and precious things in order to make us happy and raise us.

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