I asked her little girl where is daddy? The little girl did not know that he died yesterday while celebrating her mother's birthday


This mother could not hold her tears at the moment when her daughter asked her where her father was, who died at her birthday party in a tragic accident.

According to reports Ekaterina Dydenko from Russia was celebrating her 29th birthday in Moscow when her 32-year-old partner, Valentin, died in an accident inside their house and in front of their eyes.

Reports say the pair died of carbon dioxide poisoning after mixing 25 kilograms of dry ice in the pool in an attempt to create visual effects.

“Valentin,” along with two other guests, “Natalia Monkova” and “Yuri Alfirov” were in the pool and poured ice without knowing the resulting chemical reaction, and the three died after they were unable to breathe .

“Ekaterina,” the mother of two children, shared a video revealing her grief, describing her loss as a “nightmare” and said that her two daughters, “Nastine” and “Nastia,” were asking several questions ..

she said Ekaterina:

“Valya”, “Natalia” and “Yuri” are no longer living with us now, I cannot tell you anything else, I signed a ban to reveal any information I can’t say anything.

She added:

I didn’t cry yesterday .. today I just exploded, I thought that what happened was not true, it was A nightmare, “Nastia” woke up today asking “Where is my dad?” I don’t know what to tell her … She asks me: Why are you crying?

According to reports, moments before the accident, guests were celebrating inside the house on the birthday of “Ekaterina” away from the pool, so they did not notice the absence of the victims until it was too late.

Valentin wanted to create an impressive steam show for party guests as soon as they entered the pool, but the situation became tragic once dry snow was placed in the water.

Dry ice is created by freezing carbon dioxide, which creates heavy vapor when mixed with water. However, the mixed mixture in poorly ventilated spaces may be fatal, so that high levels of carbon dioxide enter the human bloodstream and you will waste Dead.

Reports indicate that the Russian investigation committee confirmed that it had opened an investigation into the case and considered it a felony due to the cause of death due to negligence.

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