After a video showing him being bullied, celebrities intervene to help the child as Kawden


It is impossible that Little Kidden’s tears as a boy did not affect you in the video clip that his mother posted on Wednesday February 19 on social networks, and he is crying with heartburn, declaring that he wants to end his life.


A nine-year-old quadden suffers from cartilage tumor disease, which is a common genetic disease and a form of stunting. Kawadin is a victim of daily inconvenience because of its form, especially in school.

Solidarity from celebrities and the general community

And Hugh Jackman posted a video of supporting Cowden commenting:

You are stronger than you think my friend, and whatever happens, I am your friend .. life is hard enough, remember that Everyone is fighting their own battle, so let’s support each other, bullying is never acceptable.

Biles is also supported by the National Rugby League’s All-Stars team, where the young man will lead the team before the game on Saturday before the start of next season against Maori, the first stars on the Gold Coast in Queensland .

The full-back Latrell Mitchell said:

I just want to wish you the best brother, we know you are going through a difficult time right now, but the kids are here to support you, bud.

The donation page created by American comedian Brad Williams collected about $ 170,000, with the goal of sending Biles and his mother to Disneyland in California.

And Williams said on the fundraising page:

This is not only for the sake of Quaden, but for the sake of anyone who has been bullied in his life, let us show to Coden and others that there Good people in this world and they deserve it.

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