A mother has to separate her newborn from the support machines … after waiting for 20 years


If you’ve ever had the experience of losing your child, here you can talk about the intensity of real pain, despair and irreparable loss.

When we become parents, our priorities in life change completely. All things that were previously important are largely fading and that newborn becomes the focus of the world.

But sometimes life gets harsh, and things happen completely beyond our control.

Tammy Erickson is a 39-year-old mother who has lost her 13-week-old son only, this kid I’ve been waiting for for over 20 years.

A heart attack took her young child Wilbur, who was badly damaged in the brain, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, Erison shared the moment she had to walk with Wilbur to see him off last time.

Tammy said, hanging from the picture:

for the first time since Wilbur’s birth, she managed to take him on a picnic, but when I got down the corridor and Wilbur in my arms, I realized It was our first and last picnic and then it collapsed, this is the moment when Mark takes a picture of us.

gestation period

Erison had been waiting for a baby for a long time, her pregnancy with Wilbur was complicated, but she didn’t want to give it up, after the 20-week examination the doctors realized That there was something wrong, they asked her again and again whether she wanted to end her pregnancy but she did not agree.

I really liked him a lot and thought he deserved a chance in life, his diagnosis seemed poor, but I also wish I could get him home one day.

Erison underwent an emergency cesarean delivery in her 32nd week after Wilbur had trouble breathing without help and was unable to move his limbs after childbirth.

We didn’t know if he would get over it the first night but he succeeded in doing that, the nurses advised me not to bother him too much with physical contact but I can say that his inclusion in my chest brought him relief.

She added:

With the passage of days it became stronger and like any new mother, I met my son and embraced him and loved him, we have built Nice relationship and felt life again.

I had a heart attack!

Unfortunately, Young Wilber suffered from a heart attack that caused him brain damage, the paramedics did their best to revive him, but they were unable to treat the damage and went into a coma.

Tammy said:

He finally came back, but the moment he opened his eyes, I knew my little son had passed away. His outlook was empty and he no longer knew me, he did not respond when I touched him, so suddenly that relationship between us disappeared.

After two weeks, it became clear that there was no way to return, so Tami Erison made a difficult decision to separate her son from the support machines for life, and decided to take him for a walk to see him off.

Heartbreaking photo shows the moment distraught mother said final goodbye to her 13-week-old son https://t.co/fZG6OTTzb2 pic.twitter.com / D8WBJeZHPD

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Erison said:

] I know the picture that documented my distress may be annoying to others, but I also know that many people who have suffered the same loss have found relief when they know that they are not the only ones who have experienced this tired amount of sadness.

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