A father teaches his daughter how to laugh every time a shell falls


Wars are classified under current conditions as one of the most important causes of sources of disturbances and psychological pressures for children. Millions of children are subjected to psychological crises as a result of wars that occur in their home countries, some of which directly target children and some of which children are victims of their calamities and the resulting calamities and blood.

Most children in the war environment have become an orphan, homeless, disabled, or disadvantaged, and the fact that it cannot be overlooked that wars are only an amalgam is a distraction for the future of the child and the destruction of his mental health.

As Dr. Tariq Al-Habib said, the child’s contemplation of the horror, violence, violation of souls and symptoms, and even housing and money creates in the same child a shock that exceeds the degree of his absorption by far.

Idlib, which is located on the Turkish border in northwestern Syria, has been the target of continuous bombing since the past few weeks, as it witnessed the killing of 21 civilians as a result of strikes by the Syrian Air Force and their Russian allies, according to reports in the Guardian newspaper.

Amidst this bombardment, the sound of shells and bullets, a Syrian father taught his daughter a “game of laughter” to drive away fear.

The father persuaded his 3-year-old daughter to laugh every time a bomb fell as if it were a toy.

A Twitter reporter shared a video of the father and daughter playing together “the missile game” so the little girl laughed whenever she heard the sound of a bomb, and commented: “What a sad world.”


what a sad world,

To distract 4-year old Selva, her father Abdullah has made up a game.

Each time a bomb drops in Idlib #Syria , they laugh, so she doesn’t get scared.


– Ali Mustafa (@Ali_Mustafa) February 17, 2020

 Internet pioneers interacted with the clip with great sadness, as these are only the few seconds that the body shrugs, showing the human passion for power that causes them to commit unspeakable terrifying things, and killing the dreams and lives of innocent children.

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