They took his son, and they locked him in his house because of his addiction to drugs, which was a reason for him to change his life


To celebrate the past ten years, many have gone to social media and shared photos of themselves during 2009 and 2019.

Many who participated in the contract challenge expressed their gratitude for their maturity and changing for the better over the past ten years, but None of them was as inspiring as Jason Wickline.

In a post he shared on a Facebook page for the treatment of addicts, Wickline described how he moved from a life of drug addiction to 33 months without addiction during the past ten years

and wrote:

He I’ve been struggling with addiction for years, I started taking drugs of all kinds in my early twenties and lost my son’s custody, not once but twice.

booked a family home and I was really struggling to get help. On the night they caught me, child protection services were there to take my 4-year-old son, Christian, at the time.

He turned around and said: “My father loves you, I will never forget you.” At the age of four, he realized that life would not be the same as it used to be, he was fully prepared to accept the idea that he would never see his father again.

Jason says that he got rid of addiction for 33 months, and he has complete custody of his son, and he is grateful that he is present in Christian’s life and performs his basic duties such as Feed him, wash his clothes, and prepare dinner for him, while four years ago he didn’t even know where he was.

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