She devoted her life to helping the poor .. She managed to change the lives of 11,000 poor people


During her 37 years, Lily Jana has had an incredible impact on the world.

Laila, who was staying in New York, died in January after a struggle with cancer, although rare cancer made a successful businesswoman absent from humanitarian action, her legacy continues.

Leila’s mission started in 2000 when she traveled to Ghana as part of an international high school exchange program, there she helped educate blind children and see how difficult their lives were.

I have never experienced anything like the poverty that I saw there, I felt the extreme suffering caused by poverty by seeing what people must do every day to survive, it helped me to Understand how poverty suffocates people.

Leila realized that to make a difference in the lives of those in need, she had to create jobs for them first.

Harvard University graduate Leila founded the Samasource AI company in Kenya with the goal of improving the lives of those who live below the poverty line.

The company employs people from Kenya, Uganda and India, and creates data for companies around the world that need to test many AI products, including self-driving cars and smart devices.

Since then the company has managed to employ about 11,000 people, helped them get rid of poverty and became one of the largest employers in East Africa .

Leila was just beginning to focus specifically on women, which made her launch the LXMI cosmetic line in 2015.

Under the slogan “Beauty for Humanity” the company employed hundreds of African women who were widowed or They were affected by the war.

These women are tasked with growing and harvesting ingredients for skin care products from LXMI, one of its major exports is Nilotica, most of which are produced in Uganda.

LXMI pays its employees three times more than the local average wage, allowing them to support their families, but as for Layla, there is no better way To tackle poverty, according to her book, Give Work, she stresses that creating jobs gives people the power to change their lives.

Such a wonderful human being, LXMI currently regrets the loss of a helping hand first, but they think of all the cool things that I made it.

Her commitment to creating a better world was unparalleled, her legacy and impact will continue for several generations, everyone is committed to continuing the work of Laila and ensuring the continuity of her vision for years to come.

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