He invited his sick old neighbor to live with him during her last days … because she does not have a family


How well do you know your neighbors? And do you know them enough to invite you to share a cup of tea with you? What about inviting an elderly neighbor to live with you under one roof after they weakened the bone?

This is exactly what this young man did as he invited his elderly neighbor to live with him after he learned that she was sick and could not find anyone to take care of her.

Chris Salvatore moved in 2013 to live next to 85-year-old Norma Cook, who lives alone with her cat, Hermes.

The two neighbors used to salute each other every morning, and soon became close friends when Salvatore presented himself to Mrs. Norma.

And their friendship reached the point that made the young man “Salvator” , who is 31 years old, invites her to live with him after she got old and the disease has broken her bones.

When Mrs. Norma was 89 years old, her health deteriorated and she was receiving hospital treatment.

“Salvatore” was visiting her to check on her condition, until one day he learned that the doctor would not allow “Norma” to return to the home unless she found someone to look after her while she was in it. Especially since Norma did not have offspring and had no family to care for.

Then Salvatore learned that he had to do something for Mrs. Norma.

“Salvatore” says in a statement to Today :

The only solution available at that time was to take her to the nursing home or To leave her in the hospital, but how do I do this to who is my grandmother’s?

without hesitation, Salvatore decided to invite Mrs. Norma to live with him in his apartment. 

Salvatore says in a text he wrote on a page on GoFundMe :

I am glad I invited Mrs. Norma to live in my home, as It is inconceivable what a person can live in a hospital without a family or even a pet to domesticate it.

The two lived a normal life as any two companions lived in, so they watched TV with each other and enjoyed eating peanuts.

And on the authority of Mrs. Cook, the young man, “Salvator” says:

She was like my grandmother, and I was like her grandson who did not provide has a day.

Grandmother did not write that her days were long to live with “Salvador” and see his children. On February 15, 2017, the grandmother passed away, and at the time “Salvador” shared the unfortunate news via his Instagram account, in which he was participating in his daily life with Mrs. Norma

“Salvador” was not obliged to Inviting Mrs. “Cook” to live with him, but his heart full of humanity and his wish for the grandmother to live her last days at home with those who love her instead of living in the hospital inspired him to invite her to spend her last days with him.

Make sure that your neighbors have a thread to survive their ordeals and do not forget or salute them, and why not invite them from time to time for a cup of tea in your home.

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