This crippled dog finally acquired a family after 6 years of refusal


The Gwinnett Jail Dogs program in Georgia allows some inmates to act as observers and puppet assistants until they are ready for adoption.

In 2014 Pandit, a sweet pup with special needs, entered the program, and after six years of research he finally found a perfect family forever.

Pandit has lost the ability to use his hind legs after complications from a heartworm, so he uses a small wheelchair to help him move around, and because of this he needs more love and care.

Luckily he didn’t cause any inconvenience to his companions in Georgia shelter, in fact someone told a local news station that he was disappointed when seeing Pandit without a foster family, he was always eager to get a companion.

Pandit was just waiting to find a family that would love and care for him unconditionally!

Before Daryl and Sue Rider decided to adopt it, they thought whether they could give the puppy the care it deserved, and eventually they decided that Pandit belonged to their family.

Daryl said:

If you look at Pandit, it is as if you are looking at me. If you look at his paralysis below the waist, you will notice that I suffer from the same thing.

The day they went to pick Pandit home was a “sweet and bitter” day for Jail Dogs Program members, in a post on Facebook, they wrote:

The shelter did its part and took care of a lot of unfortunate people, after 6 years lied to Pandit who believed that a wheelchair dog would not become a good pet for one of them, Pandit was industrious when it came to learning new things and he could adapt and overcome I have a disability when it comes to finding a family forever.

Despite their grief, they are happy to know that Pandit is now living his life better with Daryl and Sue, no doubt Pandit has finally found a home and a family that is forever incubator.

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