Days before his death, a child with cancer says to his mother, I will wait for you in paradise.


I love you, my mother

These were the last words of the 4-year-old little child, Nolan, ” Years for his mother before his battle with cancer came to an end.

The little boy talked about his impending death with a steadfast faith, and told his mother that he would wait to join him in heaven.

And as soon as the young “Nolan” passed away in 2017 after his bitter struggle with cancer, his mother, Roudoud, published a post on her page on Facebook NolanStrong , and she wrote words lamenting the thrill of her liver “Nolan”.

She wanted ‘roud’ through this post to teach people that everything is possible in this life and that all people should live the moments of their “short” lives in love. Since then, the page NolanStrong gained wide fame and its reputation throughout the globe, and the number of its followers exceeded 300 thousand.

And I wrote “Roads”:

It’s been two months since you last held my hands and kissed you, son. ” It’s been two months since you last embraced me.

I wanted a long time ago to write nuggets about what my child lived in the last days of his life that his beautiful, beautiful soul. I wanted to share with you the beauty of my child, and how his heart was filled with love only.

Nolan was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with a disease ” muscle sarcoma Planned ”after suffering from breathing problems. Initially we thought he was suffering from a nasal allergy before we were shocked with the news of his cancer.

After months of treatment, Rouud discovered that her young child would never live and that there was no room for conflict with her son’s illness. Rawoud said large-size malignant tumors block his windpipe and put pressure on his heart.

Cancer managed from the body of a young child, “Nolan,” leaving no room for doctors to treat him.

The mother summoned her powers and went to tell her little boy the bad news, to show the reaction of the young boy how strong his faith is.

The mother participated in the dialogue that took place between her and her child and wrote:

  • Mother: Do you feel short of breath?
  • Nolan: Well … yes
  • Mother: You must be feeling terrible pain, baby, right?
  • Nolan (decapitating his head): Yes
  • Mother: My son, this disease is bad and I am not forced to fight it anymore
  • Nolan (in happiness): Not Ali ??? But I will wrestle for you
  • Mother: Is that what you were doing? The disease struggled for me?
  • Nolan: Sure
  • Mother: If you were fighting for me, then what is my role?
  • Nolan (with a wide smile): You’re the one who keeps me safe
  • Mother (with a broken heart): I can no longer protect you, my love, the only place where you can be safe is heaven.
  • Nolan: Then I’m going to heaven and playing until I catch you! You will come, right?
  • Mother: Sure, I will, because you will not get rid of me easily.
  • Nolan: Thank you, mom, now I’m going to play with my friends

After this the family tried to enjoy with the child Nolan the days that remain for him in this life, they tried to cuddle him More to accept him more and to sleep beside him more.

As for the young Nolan, after learning that he would die soon, he began to draw the features of his funeral for them. He described the form that was depicted for his funeral, and told them what people would like to wear. He wrote that he wishes them to remember him as a policeman.

On his last day in this world, his mother left him for a few moments to enter the bathroom, so he joined her and slept on the floor waiting for her to leave, the little boy did not want to leave his mother even for a moment.

His mother came out of the bathroom and carried him to his room and closed his eyes with her hands. To cover the little boy in a deep sleep and authorize death to approach.

And about the moment her child separated her, the mother says, ‘Rood’:

I slept next to him and wiped my palms on his right cheek I thought he was dead but a miracle – I will never forget her – brought him back. My little angel himself took the last one and he hardly told me: – I love you, mom – and I close his eyes for the last time.

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