These kids raised $ 10,000 to their fellow cancer sufferer by selling hot chocolate.


Anyone would be lucky to have friends like the ones surrounding Jasper Mazuku.

While the 4-year-old boy had not been to school for months in California, he was still in love with all of his colleagues in Redding, after being diagnosed with cancer they did not leave him alone in his ordeal but decided to help him!

Doctors found a tumor in the brain of the young boy in November, and he has been undergoing treatment in Sacramento since then, which has made the situation more difficult, as his medical bills pile up and his family barely struggles to provide treatment costs.

Things are not the same as they were after his absence from school.

Becky Haskins, one of the mothers at his pre-school, said:

his colleagues miss him and talk about him every day .. he is one One of the sweetest souls I have ever met and his family as well.

With the help of his colleagues ’families and some local companies, his friends organized a fundraising campaign that they called“ hot chocolate for treatment. ”

They wanted to help Jasper in any way possible, and that was a day he will never forget.

On January 10, they gathered to sell hot chocolate outside the Trader Joe store, and promised all the returns to the Jasper family.

Dick’s Sporting Goods provided them with tables and chairs, while Trader Joe contributed water bottles and a place to prepare them, and Costco and Starbucks also donated cakes and pastries to sell alongside hot drinks.

This event was very successful! Clients appeared in large numbers to support Jasper, and many of them were cancer survivors who were influenced by this children’s initiative to help their friend.

The fundraising took about six hours and ended with an amazing result, they raised more than $ 10,000!

Shelby’s mother Jasper shared a post on the same day:

Tests today confirmed that Jasper’s tumor is shrinking .. There are no Words to express our gratitude to our community that went out to support Jasper and our family, I cannot hold back tears of joy .. Keep all those positive prayers and feelings on our way, we really feel your love, if Jasper didn’t know that his community cares about him before, he definitely knows now!

support continues to flow as his friends send him messages and hundreds of loved ones and strangers donate to his family on GoFundMe to continue fighting.

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