I thought I was going to die .. They saved their mother’s life after their father tried to kill her with a gun


Rachel saw death in front of her when they were her ex-husband shooting her body for the second time after his first bullet failed to kill her.

Had it not been for the kindness of fates and the heroic intervention of her five children, she would have been dead.

The story returns one evening when Rachel watches TV with her children in one of her house rooms in East Brisbane, Australia, before she hears the sound of a car parked in her garden followed by a noise that terrified her and her children.

Rachel ordered her children to enter their bedroom and lock the door from the inside, and she went out to find out what’s going on in her garden.

Rachel opened the door of the house to face-to-face in front of her ex-husband, Daryl Fields, who was carrying a shotgun directly to her face.

Rachel quickly locked the door and ran to hide, but her ex-husband broke the door and ran after her.

Rachel says:

I knew that he would shoot me, so I told them (the children) to move away from their father as possible I fled to the opposite direction where they were hiding, to make sure that nothing bad happened to them.

The sound of bullets was heard at home, Daryl shot a bullet to Rachel and dropped her to the ground, the bullet hit her shoulder, causing her to lose consciousness after she lost a large amount of blood.

While Daryl aimed his rifle at Rachel’s face, one of her children, the “heroes,” interfered with force, took the gun out of his father’s hands, and rushed to hide her outside the house.

The husband tried to continue his attack on Rachel, and he punched her but two other children (Jayden and Cameron) interfered in an attempt to save their mother. They held their father’s hands and prevented him from beating their blood-stained mother. The father did not obey them, so he tried to escape from their grip, which caused Rachel’s oldest children to punch him with strength, causing him to lose consciousness.

Meanwhile, her 4-year-old child, Zain, took his little sister to the next room and hid there in a safe under the bed.

Her child, Kayla, gathered her powers (who really didn’t know where she came from) and helped her mother to get out of the back door of the house and started to help her. Before you take the phone and call the police.

The police believed that the child was joking and they did not believe her, but the child’s cleverness Kayla made her take the phone to her older brother who persuaded the police of the danger facing them. 

Rachel says:

I think I am inevitably dead, and had it not been for the heroic intervention of my children, I would have had no opportunity to tell what actually happened.

The husband was arrested and charged with attempting to kill with a weapon, physical assault, and possession of a white weapon.

Rachel was taken to the hospital and performed 15 surgeries to save her arm from amputation.

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