Foods to Promote Heart Health


Below we provide the best types of foods that are good for heart health, according to the American Heart Health Organization. These types protect the heart and arteries so try to include them in your daily diet.


is rich in plant sources with protein It also contains many plant elements necessary for the health of the heart as calcium , magnesium, folic acid , potassium, and niacin .

Tuna is an easy-to-prepare food that can be added to many dishes, as can be eaten by sandwiches with tomatoes and lettuce, and can be added to pasta and pasta instead of meat.

brown rice

In addition to its delicious taste, brown rice is considered a heart-friendly food. It is rich in B vitamins B, fiber, niacin and magnesium.

Rice is one of the multiple-choice meals in cooking, you can eat it with vegetables, add it to soup, or eat it with tofu.

Soy milk

طبابة نت - اطعمة خاصة بالكوليسترول

Soy milk contains isoflavones (flavonoids) , vitamins B, niacin , calcium , magnesium, potassium, and phytogens. It is worth noting here that the protein found in soy milk differs from the protein found in milk with an animal source. Soy milk helps reduce bad levels of cholesterol and has many benefits [ 19459008] for the heart and blood vessels.

You can add soy milk to breakfast, or mix with drinks, or replace it with animal-based milk.


Raspberry is one of the foods that is very beneficial to the health of the body in general and the health of the heart in particular. It is very rich in very beneficial elements such as calcium and folic acid and vitamin C carotene, anthocyanins and ellagic acid.

Raspberry kernels form an integrated meal alone, and you can add it to breakfast cereals or pies, or add it to juices, or with low-fat milk or with salads.

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طبابة نت - الجزر مفيد لإنقاص الوزن

Rich sources of alpha-carotene, carotene wade and fiber. Carrot is one of the light snacks that you can add to many meals, such as salads, soups, sauce, cakes and pies.


موقع طبابة نت - أعراض نقص حمض الفوليك ومصادره

Among the sources rich in nutrients necessary for the health of the heart as it contains beta-carotene and vitamin CE and potassium and folic acid and calcium and fibers can be added Spinach comes to salads and can be used for sandwiches, juices, pizza pies, or omelets.


طبابة نت - الأمراض المناعية - أطعمة تحمي من الإصابة بالزكام - إنقاص الوزن- البروكلي

Among plants that are considered a reservoir of healthy nutrients, it is rich in beta-carotene (carotide) , vitamin C-E, potassium, folic acid , calcium and fiber.

The broccoli has a very delicious taste, and it can be added to soups, salads, and fish dishes.

sweet potatoes

طبابة نت - الأمراض المناعية - أطعمة تحمي من الإصابة بالزكام - إنقاص الوزن - البطاطا الحلوة

It is considered one of the rich sources of vitamin A-C-E, potassium, folic acid , calcium and fiber. Sweet potatoes differ from the regular potatoes that we use for cooking, as regular potatoes are healthy and contain a lot of high nutritional value, but not to the degree of sweet potatoes.

You can eat sweet potatoes alone as a useful snack, or you can add them to salads and some soups.

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